Keep your workplace organised and efficient with these bar cradles. Vertical storage racks offer easy storing of materials, such as bar, tube, angle and wire. Bar Cradles will help keep the floor area tidy and reduce the floor space taken by stacking upwards. Made from 5mm angle, they can be stacked up to 5 units high and carry 750kg on each level. They must be used on solid level ground. The maximum height to stack is five units high. These racks can be moved, stacked and expanded to almost any length ideal for tight spaces and can be stored away when not in use. Easy stack and click together, so no fixings or tooling needed.


  • 400mm Deep x 240mm Wide x 300mm High (pictured)
  • Sold in pairs
  • Stackable up to five high
  • Can hold up to 750kg
  • Fully painted
  • Easy shipping nationwide (collection available too)
  • Over 20 years manufacturing experience
  • Bespoke sizes available – please email your enquiry
  • All prices exclude VAT - this will be added on checkout

Bar Cradle Holder Standard


     All prices exclude VAT which will be added on checkout